A final Goodbye...

We are sad to announce that AVOV Technology has come to an end. We will no longer be attending the phone lines, email or support tickets, returns/RMA's. We thank everyone for their upmost support for the time we we're here. We no longer will continue sales or support of the following:

1. Nova Middleware
2. Avov Vixo 1 (Cost: 32 USD)
3. Vixo 2 (Cost: 34 USD)
4. TVonline (Cost: 25.50 USD)
5. TVonline V2 (Cost: 25.50 USD)
6. TVonline+ (Cost: 25.50 USD)
7. Vixo Fuse (Cost: 32 USD)
8. Nova Silver Edition (white label)
9. ZUM TV (white label)
10. CellonTV (white label tikilive.com)

Funding for developement has been halted and we no longer can afford to stay in business. You may thank Dae Hong Kim (Joshua Kim) as he launder a lot of the funding money to S.Korea and China on false invoices. All employees paid in cash with no record being kept.
www.tikilive.com - CellonTV is white label of Tikilive. Free OTA channels that are time shifted.

kBox Lawsuit - Joshua Kim law suit + bankruptcy.

Next-Star Technology - Manufacture from China that Avov Technology white label all known products from.

Avov Tech Reviews - See what other people have to say.

IPTV Service
At this time we only sell Canada/USA/International live IPTV please call:

- 416-624-3884
- 647-998-3298
- 1-844-421-1112